To people who raise walls

They think they are invisible but I can see them walking down the road with a lost look in their eyes, shutting down the world, shrinking inside themselves.  People who used to smile, laugh, talk, stretch a hand to their peers, now turn away, give up, stop caring, ignore.  They hurt but mostly hurt the ones who believe in them.  Raising walls may offer an illusion of safety, but how safe are you when you place yourself at the center of the world? How safe are you when you cease to empower people who care and look up to you?

How safe are you when it all becomes about YOU instead of US?

Strength comes from overcoming egos and embracing collectivity.  It comes from comradeship, friendship, companionship.  It comes from acknowledgment and respect of others’ feelings.  It comes from giving rather than taking.  It stems from the denial of the self-centered hopelessness and a deep sense of the blessings that have graced our lives.  Embracing life,  treasuring every moment of  joy and pleasure it brings your way, being grateful for those who walked into your days and made them a little shinier, showing them that you care, may all be tearing down the walls of safety and loneliness;  get rid of your weapons and you will find yourself armored with the most powerful shield against the ills of our times.

© MariaJayEm


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