The Cost of Greek Elections

Greek elections come at a huge cost to modern occupiers:  The risk of alternative views being validated. The risk of contesting the dominance of large economies & the crashing of smaller ones. The risk  of revisiting the term ‘globalization’ and the strings attached to it under a totally new spectrum. Like conglomerates merging with each other, converging economies have come to a point where they can no more fit strategically with each other as they bring their cultures and societal uniquenesses into the equation,  along with a pressing need for vital space.

Global decision makers so far have failed to see this paradigm shift that emerges by the day. This failure inevitably and relentlessly draws them to the rear of developments as much as they desire to lead and define the course of economies.  When injustice is imposed by force or extortion,  the ultimate balance is always restored by people and their decisions.

© Maria J.M.


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