The problem is not Greece, but Europe.

Today, Francois Hollande, after Camp David and Chicago, will be inducted in his first EU summit. It will not be the last chance summit, but perhaps one that should bring things back to flat.
For if the growth has become the buzzword, why did not we think at the beginning of the crisis? It took four years for an authoritative voice, Mario Draghi, launched between the two rounds of the French presidential elections this expression that had become taboo in Ms. Merkel’s mouth, growth.
In fact, step by step, Mrs. Merkel finds herself isolated in her concepts of governance, and the Germans will have to face their future with or without Merkel. But the most important which should emerge from this summit, if European leaders go along with proposals of Francois Hollande and Mario Monti, is to implement a policy of Eurobonds, growth and a strong desire to save Greece.
The European savings could be the lever that will boost the machine. It would be an impact in restoring confidence and to restart growth. And for Greece, it knows that to get Greece out of the euro area would be a failure of severe and profound past governance. When in 2003 Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission had proposed a national public accounts oversight, France, Italy and Germany had refused, so that everyone knew the Greek deficit figures, hidden its rulers. In the words of Romano Prodi, France, Italy and Germany have some responsibility in the current situation of Greece.
So it’s not by stigmatizing Greece and the show carrot of EU aid, as to get the donkey moving, which will save the cradle of our civilization. If international markets have selected Greece as a testing laboratory crisis to see how far a European people could suffer and hold, this macabre farce has gone on long enough.
Save Greece, is to save Europe, and to breathe new policy, modern and plunged ahead. Help Greece, Yes, but help Greece in creating growth, that is to say all necessary means to create business for the future, giving opportunities to the Greek people by providing future technologies that can be implemented in this country for the benefit of all, starting with new energy in a country bathed by the sun. The main activity of Greece is tourism, there remains an immense place in the provision of new activities.
Thus and not otherwise we will help Greece and its people to regain their zest for life, and face the future together, hand in hand.
I repeat again, Greece is the future of Europe, not less.

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